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  • What is Sketches®?

    Sketches® is a tool for iPhone and iPod touch that lets you draw and decorate pictures with different type of shapes. There are 3 main tools to make your creations:

    • Ink color and size.
    • Shapes.
    • Background

    Once you are finished, you can export your creation and/or store it.

  • Can I get a demo?

    You can watch the demo video.

  • How does it work?

    Basic usage is very simple: drag one finger to draw. Place 2 fingers to add shapes.

    The main window has a top navigation bar, the drawing area and the button area:

    Bottom Bar

    On the next questions, you have more detailed information on how of these options work.

  • How much is it? How do I buy it?

    Currently, Sketches® is priced at $4.99. To purchase, visit the App Store on iTunes or directly on your iPhone or iPod touch device.

Corkboard / Document Management

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Drawing and Placing Shapes

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  • What are the buttons on the bottom?

    There are 5 buttons on the bottom bar:

    Bottom Bar

    • The one of the left is the undo/clear button. Tap it once to undo your last drawing operation. Tap and hold it to erase all the drawing elements.
    • Second to the left is button to bring up the ink color and size menu.
    • The middle button brings up the shapes menu.
    • Second to the right is the background selection menu button.
    • The button to the right allows to export your art outside of Sketches®
  • How do I draw? Can I change the ink color and size?

    To draw, simply drag your finger around the drawing area. To change the color and size, use the crayons icon, second button to the left. To draw a point, tap the drawing area.

  • What are shapes? How do I use them?

    Shapes are premade drawing elements, like a cake or a tennis ball, that you add to your drawing. You select the shape you want to use by clicking on the middle button of the bottom bar. Then, placing two fingers on the screen, you can move, scale and rotate the shape.

  • What can I use as my drawing background?

    You have many different choices. If your device has a camera, you can take a picture from within Sketches® and use it as a background. You could also use a picture from your photo album, a solid color, an image from Sketches® built-in library, a map of your current location, or a captured image of web site!

  • Is there a way to draw full screen?

    Yes, double tap to toggle full screen mode.


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  • How do I export to my computer or send via email?

    Pressing the export button and selecting "Export to Photo Album". This will store your drawing on your device's photo album. You can exit Sketches® and load the iPhone Photo application to use it as a wallpaper, email it, assign it to a contact or send it to MobileMe.

    In addition, the next time you connect your device to your PC or Mac, you will be able to get your drawings onto your computer.

  • What is the Twitter option for?

    The Twitter option will upload your drawing to an image hosting service and publish a tweet with the message you want and the URL to the image, so everyone can see your art. Of course, you will need to be a Twitter user. Before you can publish, you will need to introduce your existing user and password. Then simply change the message to whatever you like and press "Tweet".